Ecological Hosting is one of them. We canít switch off your website at night or half the day when people browse it after all thatís why you have it in the first place but we CAN turn the fans down, use technology to distribute the load on all our servers so it uses minimal power when the servers and hard discs arenít in use, this way they will quickly speed up again when visitors or processing is required but still running at an absolute minimum yet ready for action when needed. We are constantly testing and monitoring new servers and new green hosting plants that come into the market, and we are getting better and better results and the servers we use now are 50% greener than the ones we used just 6 months ago and we donít plan to stop asking for better results.

On top of that we are getting all our energy from green renewable energy sources, we use green energy in our offices and we only print on 70% recycled paper from our partners at And we only print when itís absolutely necessary, we donít print emails, receipts or manuals - everything is stored electronically and mailed to you or stored in your account area.

EcoServedís goal is to give make the least impact on this planet yet at the same time offering an outstanding customer service and commitment to running your website.

We do our bit to make a difference
       Join us and letís make a real difference together