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          EcoServed was started by Rune Sovndahl, becasue he belives the environment should be protected, after having set up many webistes and compenies, Rune started looking for a reliable and well driven Hosting provider with green energy and the right mind set. After a long search he found that there were a real need for a reliable and service minded ecological webhost.

So he set on a quest to find out how it could be done, after 2 years research he found the solution.

          Ecological Hosting turn the fans down, use technology to distribute the load on all our servers so it uses minimal power when the servers and hard discs aren't in use, this way they will quickly speed up again when visitors or processing is required but still running at an absolute minimum yet ready for action when needed. We are constantly testing and monitoring new servers and new green hosting plants that come into the market, and we are getting better and better results and the servers we use now are 50% greener than the ones we used just 6 months ago and we don't plan to stop asking for better results.

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